What Is A Diagnostic X-Ray?

Diagnostic X-Ray is a test that will identify bone or tissue abnormalities inside the body.

Diagnostic X-Ray can also be used to screen patients for Tuberculosis after a positive skin test or screen patients for asbestos exposure.

Further Information


You must inform the technologist if you are, or think you might be, pregnant.

There is no preparation for this exam.

Jewelry must be removed prior to the X-Ray.


How is an X-Ray Performed?

The technologist, an individual specially trained to perform radiology examinations, positions the patient on the x-ray table and places the film holder or digital recording plate under the table in the area of the body being imaged.  When necessary, pillows or other positioning devices will be used to help you maintain the proper position.  A small amount of radiation is utilized to image a bone or an internal structure.

Why Is An X-Ray Performed?

Determine if a bone is fractured or a joint is dislocated
Ensure that a fracture has been properly aligned and stabilized
Determine the presence of a fluid build up in a joint or around bone
Evaluate injury or damage from infection, disease, bone changes or to locate foreign objects
Find cause of pain, numbness or weakness

Common Sites

  • Any extremity
  • Back or neck
  • Chest
  • Abdominal area

Feel free to contact our facility or check with your healthcare provider for additional information.



X-Ray Exams are available at these locations on a walk-in basis:

PENRAD @ Audubon Medical Campus
3050 N. Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

PENRAD @ Broadmoor Area Centura Neighborhood Health Center
1263 Lake Plaza Drive, #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

PENRAD @ Sisters Grove Pavilion
6011 Woodmen Road, #10
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

PENRAD @ Tri-Lakes Health Pavilion
17230 Jackson Creek Parkway, #160
Monument, CO 80132

X-Ray appointments are on a walk-in basis only.  click here or call (719) 785-9000 option 1 if you have any questions.



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